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Podcast Host | Storyteller | Tech Strategist | Husband

I’m the founder and host — Danc­ing with Doubt pod­cast, a moti­va­tion­al des­ti­na­tion for lead­er­ship con­ver­sa­tions with the bright­est minds across the busi­ness world. 

A few words about me and how i’ve got here…

My jour­ney start­ed in the late 1980’s in Leningrad, Sovi­et Union. Back then, it was a pret­ty unfor­giv­ing place with short­ages of even the most basic foods and goods, and few opportunities.

My par­ents made a good deci­sion to leave, and by a stroke of luck man­aged to secure us pas­sage to Aus­tralia. In fact, Aus­tralia was the only West­ern coun­try that would take us, for which i’m eter­nal­ly grateful.

Trou­ble was, all we had to our name was a few hun­dred dol­lars, two suit­cas­es of clothes and some bro­ken Eng­lish. It also did­nt help that Aus­tralia was in the midst of the worst reces­sion since the Great Depression!

So, things were pret­ty tough in the ear­ly years. Whilst we were safe in our new home, and I had no short­age of love, my fam­i­ly were very short on resources.

And that’s where I learned my first big les­son in life — suc­cess, or ‘mak­ing it’, isn’t nec­es­sar­i­ly a ques­tion of resources — it’s how resource­ful you are.

Fast for­ward a few years and things are quite dif­fer­ent. These days I am blessed to be liv­ing an abun­dant life — but it has­n’t been an easy jour­ney. There have been tri­als, there have been tribu­la­tions, many fail­ures and even more learn­ings. I’ve had busi­ness­es fail, i’ve made the wrong calls, doubt­ed myself, tried and giv­en up. 

But i’ve kept going. I’ve kept learn­ing. Kept fight­ing. Kept bet­ter­ing myself, edu­cat­ing myself, kept try­ing to do bet­ter and be better.

And so here I am. Har­ness­ing the full pow­er of trust­ing my gut, speak­ing from the heart and doing some­thing (at least ini­tial­ly!) is total­ly out of my com­fort zone.

So WHY am I here?

Hon­est­ly, I got to a point of just not being able to sit and watch my life go by with no mean­ing­ful pur­pose. My wifey appro­pri­ate­ly asked me one day, ‘what are you actu­al­ly doing with your life, beyond the day to day?’ It was a valid ques­tion, and so a seed was plant­ed. After some intro­spec­tion, I start­ed feel­ing this inner fire, which just grew into an inferno.

I had a great and inter­est­ing job, but I also knew I was made for more, that I was put on this earth to make a dif­fer­ence, to bring peo­ple togeth­er for a com­mon good.

As with the birth­place of many great ideas, I thought of Danc­ing With Doubt in the show­er, and with the help of some amaz­ing friends in both the busi­ness and cre­ative worlds, I decid­ed to make my cre­ative dream a real­i­ty. A real­i­ty that I hope we can all gain some­thing from.

My mis­sion is sim­ple — To help pro­fes­sion­als or entre­pre­neurs achieve mean­ing­ful change in their pro­fes­sion­al direc­tion by over­com­ing adver­si­ty in becom­ing amaz­ing lead­ers. But I want to go deep­er than just talk­ing suc­cess strategy. 

I want to explore how lead­ers have over­come adver­si­ty to achieve suc­cess, along with under­stand­ing the inner foun­da­tions of why lead­ers have tak­en their path and how their sense of high­er pur­pose has dri­ven their journey.

So blend­ing a bit of busi­ness and spir­i­tu­al­i­ty with some great sto­ries and just hav­ing con­ver­sa­tions that just arent being had all that open­ly, or often enough.

In doing so I hope to build a com­mu­ni­ty of diverse voic­es and view­points so we can learn, trans­form and grow together…find that true poten­tial that lives with­in us, give our­selves per­mis­sion to evolve and spread good knowl­edge far and wide.

As the host — Danc­ing with Doubt pod­cast, my goal isn’t to reach mil­lions — it’s to reach you.

If this pod­cast pro­vides the spark to make the change you need to make, then i’ve done my job. The rest is up to you.

I look for­ward to con­nect­ing with you in our jour­ney — join me in dis­rupt­ing your world with possibilities!

About The Host — Dancing With Doubt podcast