#6 — Bouncing Back, Chimpanzees & The Trust Formula, Trusting AI

Bouncing Back

When your guest tells you ‘I want this to be the best pod­cast episode you’ve ever done’ — you know you’ve found a great one. 

Maybe it’s because our per­son­al­i­ties flowed. 

Maybe it’s because we con­nect­ed on a deep­er level.

Maybe it’s because I took the guest research to anoth­er lev­el and pre­pared 10x more for this episode (thanks for giv­ing me your mas­ter­class, Dar­ryl Stick­el, PhD! To every­one read­ing this, I high­ly rec­om­mend invest­ing in it)

Maybe it’s because we went DEEEEP on one main top­ic, and method­i­cal­ly unpeeled it like a tasty brown onion.

Maybe it’s all of the above and more…but it doesn’t mat­ter, because it worked. Real­ly well!

After going through a few per­son­al self-con­fi­dence issues recent­ly (haven’t real­ly fig­ured out why tbh), it was great to redis­cov­er some dri­ve, piz­zazz and form a con­nec­tion that i’ll tru­ly cher­ish in the future. 

What bet­ter guest to do it with then one of the world’s lead­ing experts on TRUST!

It just shows, you won’t always per­form at your peak. And if that’s your own self-expec­ta­tion, then you need to change because you’re your own worst ene­my. Your own biggest crit­ic. The only one that will spot the flaws and dis­miss the wins.

Please remem­ber, fel­low humans — life hap­pens, we can’t always explain why we feel a cer­tain way…so give your­self a break, stop expect­ing per­fec­tion, get off social media and free your­self to be a human being, flaws and all.

I want to thank Dar­ryl for his wis­dom and for inspi­ra­tion — after our chat I remem­bered why I start­ed this pod and, yes, it real­ly was one of the best ones to date!

Chimpanzees & The Trust Formula

Dar­ryl and I weren’t lying when we spoke about ‘trust’ form­ing the bedrock of all rela­tion­ships in life — with our­selves, with each oth­er, with our pets, with our lead­ers, heck even with technology. 

The over­ar­ch­ing for­mu­la is quite simple:

-Uncer­tain­ty x vul­ner­a­bil­i­ty = per­ceived risk

If per­ceived risk is high, we don’t trust. If it’s low, then we do.

Delv­ing deep­er, Dar­ryl talked about var­i­ous levers that we can pull to help build trust, including:

👉 Vul­ner­a­bil­i­ty

👉 Cer­tain­ty

👉 Integri­ty

👉 Abil­i­ty

👉 Benev­o­lence

👉 Con­text

It’s a pret­ty log­i­cal mod­el. Yet why can’t each and every one of us can’t apply the mod­el on a whole­sale lev­el with all our interactions?

I get it — life is com­pli­cat­ed, peo­ple are puz­zling, emo­tions can be serpentine…but if we DESIRE to make a change to our rela­tion­ships and improve things, why do we con­tin­u­al­ly fall into con­flict with each other?

Is it maybe hard­wired into us? 

Although our brain can under­stand on an intel­lec­tu­al lev­el how to build a ‘good’ rela­tion­ship, is there some hid­den over­ride func­tion with­in us when it comes to our actions?

Don’t laugh, but when I recent­ly watched ‘Chimp Empire’ on Net­flix I had a lit­tle realisation…

We share more than 98% of our DNA with chim­panzees. Although we’ve clear­ly evolved a lit­tle and i’d wager life is bloody good com­pared to a few mil­lion years ago, as a species we still:

👉Rou­tine­ly fight oth­er tribes over territory

👉 Some­times abuse mem­bers of our own tribe (emo­tion­al­ly at a min­i­mum and some­times unin­ten­tion­al­ly, but some­times the worst of humans will do it physically)

👉 Rou­tine­ly enable vio­lence, whether it’s gov­ern­ment-sanc­tioned or not

Of course, i’m not an expert on psy­chol­o­gy, evo­lu­tion or chimpanzees…and maybe i’m just talk­ing absolute bol­locks. But it does make you think how much fur­ther we have to go as a species!

For me, being aware of the dis­tilled ele­ments that make up trust in rela­tion­ships has allowed me to make some changes with my inter­ac­tions — both in the busi­ness world and in my per­son­al life.

As with many things in life, simple…but not easy, right?

Trusting AI — A Test of Trust

Ear­li­er I wrote about how awe­some this episode was to record, how­ev­er the train almost came off the rails.

When I down­loaded the record­ing I had a seri­ous ‘oh f*ck’ moment.

The record­ing on my side picked up audio from my lap­top mic instead of my pro­fes­sion­al pod mic. 

The result? T.o.t.a.l rub­bish. Unmar­ketable qual­i­ty — dis­tant, dis­tort­ed, under­wa­ter-sound­ing audio from yours tru­ly. Talk about a major facepalm moment!

The sit­u­a­tion seemed dire, but I had options:

👉 Strug­gle for hours with soft­ware I bare­ly understand

👉 Beg a sound engi­neer mate for help, cash­ing in a pre­cious favour (he’s a ghost writer and pro­duc­er for many top world­wide pop artists)

👉 Enter the realm of the AI spir­its and man­i­fest a one-click fix, prefer­ably with­out break­ing the bank

Guess which road I took?

You got it—number three. Here’s how it went down:

‑5 mins on Google

‑1 min sign­ing up with Adobe

‑15 secs to upload

‑10 mins processing

‑15 secs to download


Audio mag­i­cal­ly fixed, sound­ed almost stu­dio grade.

Cost? Zilch.

Hap­py lit­tle veg­emite here.

Now, this was my first real use of AI beyond a few sen­tence re-writes using Chat­G­PT. I was in a seri­ous pick­le. Yet I had to do some trust­ing AI.

And trust delivered.

True, AI won’t under­stand your vul­ner­a­bil­i­ty like a human can. It does­n’t par­tic­u­lar­ly care about integri­ty like me or you do. 

Benev­o­lence? Who knows, hope­ful­ly it stays good and does­n’t go Skynet on us. Trust­ing AI is easy, no?

Yet the core trust levers that Dar­ryl spoke about were absolute­ly part of the Daniel Topor-Adobe-trust­ing-AI equation:

👉 Ability/certainty (the end result was fixed with­in the time­frame indicated)

👉 Conext (it was designed to fix voice audio and that’s what I asked it to do)

👉 Vul­ner­a­bil­i­ty (I told it I had a prob­lem and it lis­tened and want­ed to help me fix it [yeah i know it did­n’t real­ly care deep down, lol])

You see where i’m going here. 

Above we have some of the key levers to build­ing trust. I’ve just applied them with a non-human enti­ty. The exchange was suc­cess­ful. Trust­ing AI is now some­thing i’ll do more often, and am keen to employ more!

Since then i’ve start­ed using anoth­er AI tool to cre­ate my video snip­pets and lit­er­al­ly save myself 4 hours per week in doing so.

So my over­all qual­i­ty of life is now improv­ing mate­ri­al­ly and I have more time to spend with my wife, my dog and find­ing more amaz­ing guests for you.

We should trust more often. Try it sometime.

May suc­cess be with you!

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